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Hakkında: 1.Production Introduction
Stainless steel precision casting parts are our most famous products.
Material: Stainless steel: SUS316L, SUS316, SUS304, etc, and Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel.
Manufacturing process: Investment casting,Lost wax casting, Silica sol casting.
Product Parameter
Mainly MaterialStainless Steel,Carbon Steel,Alloy Steel etc.
Manufacturing ProcessLost Wax Casting
Water Glass Casting
Silica sol casting
Casting toleranceLost wax casting -- CT4-CT6 (GB/T 6414)
Water glass casting -- CT7-CT9 (GB/T 6414)
Casting Weight0.1-100KG
Material StandardGB,ASTM,AISI,DIN,BS,JIS,NF,AS,AAR............
Surface TreatmentZinc Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, Painting , Nickel Plating
Heat TreatmentAnnealing,Normalizing, Hardening, Tempering, Case hardening....
2.About Us
XME is capable of meeting material specifications according to ASTM, SAE, AISI, ACI, DIN, EN, ISO, and GB standards. We have more than 80 different material alloys with which we cast parts using a complex design criteria. Our dimensionally and geometrically complex investment castings are produced to net shape, minimizing the need for secondary machining.  
3.Quality Assurance
All our products would have quality control systems conforming to ISO9001:2015 quality control systems. Our up-front engineering and process control is paramount to our success.
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Casting quality is critical to the success of every project:
*Magnetic Particle Inspection
*Liquid Penetrant Inspection
*Ultrasonic Inspection
*Radiography/X-Ray Inspection
Various Test to be provided
Chemical Analysis, Tensile Test, Impact Test, Radiography (X-Ray), Dye Penetrate, Corrosion Test, MPT Test, Microstructure.
In conclusion, we would like to mention here that, we are well equipped technically and commercially to render our services to you. If you provide us an opportunity to serve your esteemed organization with your valued enquiries/orders, we will convert you to our long lasting customer
1).Can I visit your company?
Yes, sure, welcome your visit anytime. We will book hotel and pick you up from airport.
2).Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer with over 15 years’ export experience for designing and producing vehicle machinery parts.
3).How can I get some samples?
If you need, we are glad to offer you samples for free, but the new clients are expected to pay the courier cost, and the charge will be deducted from the payment for formal order.
4).Can you make casting according to our drawing?
Yes, we can make casting according to your drawing, 2D drawing, or 3D cad model. If the 3D cad model can be supplied, the development of the tooling can be more efficient. But without 3D, based on 2D drawing we can still make the samples properly approved.
5).Can you make casting based on our samples?
Yes, we can make measurement based on your samples to make drawings for tooling making.China Steel Castings

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