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Hakkında: The device is designed to summarize the practical experience of the flocculation type sedimentation tank, and overcomes various problems caused by human operation, sewage discharge and the like. Fully exerting the superiority of fully automatic work, it is a new type of high-efficiency automatic sedimentation device developed according to the theory of “shallow sedimentation”.
Scope of application
1. It can be applied to the prevention and treatment facilities in the water supply of industrial and mining enterprises such as power plants, paper making, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, and water supply systems in urban and rural waterworks (station).
2. It can be applied to the treatment of various industrial wastewater and domestic sewage to reduce suspended solids and impurities in water.
1. No need to manually manage and manage, it can save a lot of power consumption, daily operation and maintenance costs.
2. Debug automatic draining system.
3. The device is compact in structure and consumes less fuel.
4. Suspended matter, particles have a short residence time and a fast precipitation rate.
5. The inclined tube has a high surface load rate and a good water purification effect.
6. Small footprint, fast
7. High water yield per unit areaFiltration Equipment suppliers

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