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Ozone generator water treatment is cabinet, water -cooled, corona discharge type ozone generators specifically designed for industrial applications. The system incorporates quartz glassozone cells, solid state high frequency power supplies, PSA oxygen concentration modules, manual adjusting & function indicating control panel, stainless steel cabinet. The system is included air compressor and filter. These models produce ozone in 50g/hr, 60g/hr, 80g/hr & 100g/hr.
60g ozone generators is high frequency CD technology ozone generators are designed for high performance in low cost. Higher the concentration, lesser the oxygen feed needed and better the dissolved ozone efficiency. The inbuilt oxygen system uses the highly efficient PSA technology to produce oxygen > 90% purity.
 Product Specification  
Specific. Unit FG-OF
O3 Output g/hr 60
Power   Consumption w 1800
Electric V/Hz 220/50~60
O3   Concentration mg/l Oxygen   supply:60~100
Oxygen   Output L/Min 10
Adjustable   Output % From 0-100%   with potentiometer
Dimensions   (L*W*H) Mm 800*420*1230
Weight kg 90
Water   Cooling m3/h 0.5~0.8
Warranty months 12
1. Multi-point malfunction monitoring. The equipment stops operation and the corresponding fault indicator on the control panel lights up when a fault is detected.
2. High Voltage, High Frequency Corona Discharge
3. Variable Ozone Output 0-100%
4. Inbuilt industrial grade Oxygen Generator, molecular sieve is imported France CECA.
5. Durable Stainless Steel electrode & Teflon materials
6.Ozone output adjustable (20~100%)
7. Emergency shut down switch.
8. Water Cooling Ozone Cells
9. Ozone Status lamp for real time indication
 Ozone Techniques
1.Drinking Water Treatment
2.Municipal and Industrial Ozone Based Odor Control
3.Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Pretreatment Applications
4.Ozone Treatment of Cooling Towers
5.Food and Beverage Processing
6.Aquaculture with Ozone Water Treatment
  Company Information
  Certification,Shipment and Package
1.Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
Re:We are manufacturer with our own factory of ozone generator water treatment. At the same time, we have sales team for domestic sales and foreign sales.
2. Which payment terms are you accept?
Re: T/T, L/C,Western Union, ,MoneyGram,Paypal, Alipay ,Wechat, Cash pay are all available for you.
3. Is your company accept customization?
Re:Yes. OEM/ODM is available. low price Industrial Ozone Generator

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