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Hakkında: Pneumatic PVC butterfly valve is UPVC or CPVC material butterfly valve driven by pneumatic actuator. Unlike other butterfly valves, PVC butterfly valve is less weight and more resistant to corrosion.
1. The valve body of the PVC butterfly valve requires only a small installation space, and the working principle is simple and reliable
2. Approximate equal percentage flow characteristics, which can be used for regulation or switch control
3. The valve body of the PVC butterfly valve is matched with the standard convex pipe flange
4. Superior economic performance makes the butterfly valve applicable for industries the most extensively
5. The PVC butterfly valve has a large circulation capacity, and the pressure loss through the valve is extremely small
6. The PVC butterfly valve body has very significant economy, especially the butterfly valve with larger diameter
7. PVC butterfly valves are especially suitable for liquids and gases with relatively clean media
Connection type: Wafer
Valve Body Material: UPVC, CPVC
Valve Seat Material: EPDM(weak acid and alkali)/VITON(FPM, strong acid and alkali)
Pressure of work: 150PSI (10bar, lower when the temperature of medium getting higher)
Working temperature: UPVC +5~+55℃, CPVC+5~ 90℃
Size available: 1 1/2”-8”
Actuator type: double acting, single acting(spring return)
Actuator Material: Aluminium Alloy
Actuator accessories: Solenoid valve, Limit switch box, air regulator, positioner, quick exhaust valve, manual override
Pneumatic PVC butterfly valve with double acting actuator is air open and air close. Air pressure can be between 2.0 bar to 8.0 bar. Single acting pneumatic PVC butterfly valve is air open or close and close or open when air failure. Limit switch box can feedback the open or close position of the valve. 5/2 way or 3/2 way solenoid valve can realize remote control of the valve. Pneumatic Valve

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