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Item nameMaterial
Adult diaper1. Soft non-woven fabric surface
2. Tissue paper
3. Fluff pulp+SAP, Leak guard at side, leg cuff,soft breathable cover
4. Tissue paper
5. Pe film
ModelSizeWeightSap weightAbsorption1*20ft1*40HQ
M800*640mm90. 0g11. 0g1100ml-1500ml43235pcs100000pcs
L940*740mm100. 0g12. 0g1200ml-1800ml40352pcs98000pcs
XL990*740mm115. 0g14. 0g1400ml-2000ml37882pcs92000pcs
Absorption test
11g sap can absorb 1100ml-1500ml liquid
12g sap can absorb 12000ml-1800ml liquid
14g sap can absorb 14000ml-2000ml liquid
1. 10pcs in a transparent bag
2. 60pcs in a transparent bag
3. 10 pcs in a oem bag, 10 bags in a carton
Our company
Why Choose us?
1. High Standard Quality Control:
1) A well trained QC team engages in the whole QC from material to finished products.
2) Strictly following sanitary standard: GB15979 and executive standard: QB/T2493
4) Advanced production lines equipped with mental detective equipment and computer monitor equipment for living track.
5) Cooperating with the top raw material and equipment suppliers home and abroad to guarantee the quality commits with international standards.
2. "one to one " Customer Service
1) Professional English language service team offers customer relevant products and marketing suggestions and help customer develop free samples. Effective Communication within 24 hours
2) Well established customer service system makes your orders be in best condition.
3) Free Promotion Material mixed with container.
4) New design and style collection updating for customer
3. Premium Quality products with affordable Prices
1) Experienced and Effective cost control system through whole process.
2) Most competitive prices from material suppliers with established long-term relations.Adult Diaper

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