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Site Adresi: http://www.skymen-ultrasonics.com/household-ultrasonic-cleaner/degassing-series-cleaning-machine/
Hakkında: Perfect for Cold Seasons- Heated Warm Vest is the ideal mid layer and also works great as a standalone vest.With 3-Level heat Controller, Low-Blue (40-45℃), Medium-White (60-65℃), High-Blue (70 -75℃) to adjust the desired heat level.
3 Heating Panels- 2 on waist, (left and right to protect kidney); 1 on center back (protecting neck).Heated Warm Vest helps promoting blood circulation, relieving pains from rheumatism & muscle strain.
Size Adjustable- The length and width are adjustable. Length: 72.5-75cm(28.5-29.5 inch); Waist: 110-130cm(43-51 inch). Suitable for wearing under a jacket. Man, woman and boys can use.
Machine Washable- Waterproof electronic element supports hand washing, dry-cleaning, and machine washing
NO Specific Battery-Electric Heated Warm Vest is Powered by Battery Power Bank. USB charging port compatible with most power-bank. 10000mAH for 6 hours. 20000mAh for 12 hours, You can buy one with size and capacity referring to your needs(The battery power bank is not included.)
Power System: USB Power Bank
Heat Settings: Low, Medium, High
Exterior Fabric: polyester
Lining: Sandwich Mesh Cloth
Pedding Material: Cotton
Heating Technology:
Thin Micro-carbon fiber heating panels actively
Function for carbon fiber: improve circulation of blood for health care; No deformable, washable, waterproof
 Womens Heated Vest factory

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