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Site Adresi: http://www.chemicalauxiliaryagent.com/
Hakkında: LSHT is a company specialized in Biological chemical,Research and development of food additives,sales and service.The company is one of the most professional suppliers in Chinese chemical industry .Our products are used in industrialmanufacturing , mineral additives ,food additive, petrochemical industry, medicine ,Military material, cosmetics ,Feed additives , Agricultural fertilizer .we updated product portfolio constantly according to the market demand , efforts to make our customers stay ahead in the market competitive advantage.     
The company has domestic first-class market research , R & D team and marketing team, and with the Beijing Institute of mining and metallurgy cooperation, is committed to product innovation , research and development. Companies adhering to the "focus on R & D, attentive service, win-win cooperation, integrity-based" business philosophy, with domestic and international business, industry, science and technology to establish a broad partnership, through the new trade tie "The Belt and Road" closely linked to Europe, South America, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries .Company has trade cooperation with more than 30 countries in the world.
"Customer trust, China's preferred chemical products partner" is the goal of our enterprise. We believe that Lu Shun Huitong is not only a producer and seller of products, but also a cooperative partner who can survive and develop with customers. To provide the best quality products for customers, at the same time we are committed to the research of customer segmentation about the market, with customers to dig the market potential and analyze the common problems in the market together, to allow customers to expand the market well, we believe that the only guarantee the customer long-term profit is the foundation of our development.soya free pea protein manufacturers

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