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Tam adı: Recharging Zoom Flashlight manufacturers http://www.pldflashlight.com/zoom-flashlight/recharging-zoom-flashlight/
Yer: Aluminum Enclosure manufacturers http://www.rhdiecast.com/aluminum-enclosure/
Site Adresi: http://www.riselaser.com/
Hakkında: ▲ Our History
In 2015,we started contacting golf cart accessories.We build our own brand -- ShuRan and have our private US companies and US warehouse. We also have our factory in Shenzhen, because these advantages. We can provide customers with high quality products and efficient service. By the way, we have to go to the PGA show every year in Orlando and has been cooperated with many companies from America like Golf Cart King.In addition to the Alibaba platform,we also sell our products on Amazon USA,so we can accept any kind of customer,as long as you have the intention,we will support you.
▲ Our Factory
Our company was established in 1997, the gold coast in the eastern part of shenzhen. Here mountains, haicang mulberry field. Is charming holiday resort. It is near the vanke 17 miles, xiaomeisha beach, snuggling mirs bay, the south Australian island. International port from yantian port is only 20 minutes' drive. The traffic is very convenient. For the majority of foreign export goods to provide convenient services. Startup only 3 employees, to the base mould making several years of hard work. After a few years, employees one hundred people, in 2004 the company set up injection molding workshop, it is base point with between the golf products, began to second startup, production market popular products, customers receive consistent high praise.
Honored to get to know each other is the fate, always see the sincerity of cooperation, continuously development by creativity, leading the market in mind.
▲ Our Product
Golf Cart Accessories
▲ Product Application
Golf Cart
▲ Our Certificate
▲ Production Equipment
CNC,Injection molding machine
▲ Production Market
US annual turnover of 3.5 million US dollars
▲ Our Service
Sent your ideas or requiry and we will provide expert advice with fast reaction!
Our commitment to finish quotation within 24 hours!Universal Retractable Seat Belt Kit For 4 Seat inventory

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